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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Odin Diet Installation


ODIN-the Multi-Exchange, Multi-Currency Front Office trading and risk management system - makes trading on multiple markets easier through the use of a single application. It incorporates appealing features and works on advanced technology which facilitates higher accessibility, ensuring speedy performance and advanced risk management.

Steps To Install Odin Diet (Equity & Commodity) :

  •  Go to Odin Diet (Single User)) Folder in CD.                                                                                      
          STEP 1: Firstly run DietSetup 10X.EXE 
             STEP 2: Then click on NEXT.         

          STEP 3: Then click on Next Button. 

          STEP 4: Click on I accept the terms in the License Agreement.
          STEP 5: Then click on Next. 

          STEP 6: Then click on Next button. 

          STEP 7: Then click on Next button. 

          STEP 8: Then click on Next Button. 

          STEP 9: Click on Install. 
             STEP 10: Then Processing will be running as below.

             STEP 11: Click on Finish. 
          STEP 12: A new window will be appear for Installation of  
                         “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005”.


           STEP 13: Now click on Yes button, Then installation will be running as below.

            STEP 14: This window will be disappear automatically.
  •   Go to Odin Diet (Single User) Folder. 
  •   Run the both Patch Setups.
  •   DIET_32BIN_10X_SP07.EXE
  •   DIET_32PDB_10X_SP07.EXE
              STEP 15: Open 
           STEP 16: Go to ---RMS—ftp diet (latest date) copy to Desktop and copy all
                          files and paste into MASTERS folder.

               Then Login your ID and enjoy trading. 

            Now Copy ODIN REGISTRY  Folder from CD drive/FTP Site to your desktop.
            ODIN REGISTRY: For Windows XP & Windows 7 32 bit run RMONEY_32 bit.reg                                                registry file.
            ODIN REGISTRY: For Windows 7 64 bit run RMONEY_64 bit.reg registry file.
            FORGOT PASSWORD REGISTRY Folder: For Windows XP & 7 32 bit, Run                                                                                           Windows-XP & 7-32Bit.reg registry file.
            FORGOT PASSWORD REGISTRY Folder: For Windows  7 64 bit, 
                                                                           Run Windows 7_64 bit.reg registry file. 
             Now open DietOdin shortcut from your desktop.
            Click on Login icon or Click on File, and then Login.
            Type your User code & Password.
            Then click on OK.
            Now enter Latest 2FA Password.
            Then click on Submit
            Wait for few seconds till Download statistics running. 
            Click on Market, then on Market Watch or Press F4 key from your keyboard.  

               Select the Exchange and Scrip Name and Month then Press Enter.
            Add all scrips which you want to add in market watch.


            To save Portfolio:

            Right Click on Market watch Screen, click on Save Portfolio.
            Type any Portfolio Name then click on OK






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