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Thursday, 2 January 2014

• Check connection busy error

Check connection busy error (Check Connection Integrity).

1) Check Network link, for that click on Start, then click on Run.

2) Type the Broadcast Server IP such as ping -t

3) Click on ok.

4) If reply comes then ‘Request Time Out’, after that check whether internet browsing is
    possible on internet explorer or not.

5) If not, then check the following :

          • Check Modem or LAN Card settings in control panel => System => Device Manager
            & check the Driver of Modem & LAN card. If it’s unavailable, then install the modem
            or LAN Card Drivers. After Installation starts Odin and check for the error.
          • If the error still Persists, Please Check whether Firewall or Proxy server is installed
            in the system or Windows Firewall is on. Incase if you need Firewall please bypass
            Odin in the Exception List.

           Incase Proxy server or Client is installed on your system, Odin will not run. Fo running
            the Odin properly, you require normal internet connection.

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